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Front view of the Capitol

Committees and Caucuses

  • (Vice Chair) House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security: The Subcommittee has jurisdiction over the Federal Criminal Code, drug enforcement, sentencing, parole and pardons, internal and homeland security, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, prisons and criminal law enforcement.
  • House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties: The Subcommittee has jurisdiction over constitutional rights, constitutional amendments, Federal civil rights, voting rights, claims against the United States, non-immigration private claims bills, ethics in government, tort liability, and other matters.

House Committee on Oversight and Reform

  • House Oversight Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy: The Subcommittee has oversight jurisdiction over income inequality and policies that affect the growth and prosperity of the middle class, including education, housing, labor, trade, small business, agriculture; securities regulation; consumer protection; private-sector information technology security, policy, and management; intellectual property; telecommunications; and federal acquisition policy unrelated to national security and information technology.
  • House Oversight Subcommittee on the Environment: The Subcommittee has oversight jurisdiction over global climate change; environmental protection, public lands, endangered species, air and water quality; oceans; public health; conservation; international agreements; energy policy, research and development; and oversight and legislative jurisdiction over regulatory affairs and federal paperwork reduction.


Congressional Black Caucus

Congressional Progressive Caucus

Democratic Women’s Caucus

Pro-Choice Caucus

Congressional Medicare for All Caucus

LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus

Black Maternal Health Caucus

Gun Violence Prevention Task Force