March 21, 2022

Bush, St. Louis Electeds Celebrate $4 million Bi-State Grant Award for St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, MO — Today, Congresswoman Cori Bush (MO-01) led her fellow Missouri elected officials in celebrating the Bi-State Development Agency’s award of $4.1 million in federal funding for their FY2021 Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Program. The funding will be used to purchase a new fleet of electric buses, improving air quality and the reliability of public transit for riders across St. Louis. 

“Everyone in St. Louis deserves access to reliable, healthy, and safe public transportation,” said Congresswoman Bush. “When I worked in child care, I would begin my bus journey at 6AM to arrive at work by 9 AM. I wasn’t alone – we know that Black workers are 3-times more likely to not own a car and depend on public transit. By investing in comprehensive public transportation, we can connect our communities, cut down on traffic, and tackle the climate crisis — all at once. I’m thrilled to see St. Louis receive this funding, and look forward to riding one of the new buses as soon as they hit our roads.”

“Maintaining a safe, reliable, and efficient bus system in the St. Louis area is essential for people to get where they need to go – whether it’s work, a doctor’s appointment, or the grocery store,” said Senator Roy Blunt. “It’s also an important factor in deciding where to start or grow a business. Investing in critical transportation needs, as this targeted grant funding does, will help create more economic opportunities and improve the quality of life for local families.”

"The St. Louis region is making strides in sustainability, and I was proud to join fellow regional leaders as Bi-State Development launched its first 18 electric buses last summer," said St. Louis Mayor Tishaura O. Jones. "I am grateful to Congresswoman Cori Bush for her work to bring more resources to St. Louis, helping make our public transit cleaner, healthier, and more reliable." 

“Our initial electric bus fleet launch last June was one of the largest electric bus service deployments in the country,” said Taulby Roach, Bi-State Development President and CEO. “With this new funding from the Federal Transit Administration, we will be able to continue to expand our electrification program with additional electric buses and charging infrastructure improvements. Electric buses are better for the environment, support sustainability, and can deliver long-term cost savings for Metro Transit and taxpayers in the St. Louis region.”

“Adding more electric buses to Metro’s fleet will provide safer, cleaner public transportation in our region,” said Dr. Sam Page, St. Louis County Executive. “This is a great way to enhance a vital service and be better stewards of the environment.”


Congresswoman Cori Bush sits on the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees, serves as the Progressive Caucus Deputy Whip, and proudly represents St. Louis as a politivist in the halls of the United States Congress.