April 14, 2024

Congresswoman Bush Statement on Escalation of Violence in Middle East


Washington D.C. (Apr. 14, 2024) — Congresswoman Cori Bush (MO-01) released the following statement:

“I am deeply concerned by the Iranian military’s attack on Israel, which comes in response to the Israeli military’s attack on the Iranian Embassy in Syria. I condemn these attacks, which threaten civilian lives and regional war. I also condemn the calls by Members of Congress and others to initiate war with Iran; to do so without Congressional authorization is blatantly unconstitutional. I’m encouraged by reporting that President Biden advised Prime Minister Netanyahu last night that the U.S. will oppose any Israeli counter-attacks against Iran, and I urge the President to continue to take immediate steps, including at the UN Security Council and G7, to de-escalate and facilitate an immediate, lasting ceasefire in the region.    

“Since the horrific October 7 attack, I have repeatedly urged an end to the violence through de-escalation, ceasefire, and diplomacy and cautioned that war is never the answer. Instead, the U.S. government has shamefully and unconditionally armed the Israeli government as it has committed war crimes, killed over 33,000 Palestinians, inflicted famine in Gaza, violated domestic and international laws, and increased the chances of regional war. This failed approach must end. 

“The people of our country do not want war. They want to live in a world that is safe, peaceful, and just. That is why our pro-peace, pro-humanity movement is stronger than ever, and it’s why, as recently as last week, dozens of my colleagues and I called for our government to stop arming Netanyahu’s maniacal, genocidal acts. We are pushing for the safety of all people, from Palestinians and Israelis abroad to Jewish, Arab, Muslim, and other communities who are being targeted here at home, to the release of all hostages and those arbitrarily detained, and ending the risk of a regional war that further entangles the United States and jeopardizes the safety of our people. We cannot let the warmongers win; our country and our world are calling for restraint, de-escalation, a lasting ceasefire, and diplomacy. Our government must listen. That is how we save lives.”

On April 1, 2024, the Israeli government bombed an Iranian embassy complex in Damascus, Syria, killing 16 people. In retaliation, the Iranian military launched an attack on Israel using drones and missiles on April 13. Since October 7, 2023, over 33,000 Palestinians and 1,100 Israelis have been killed, 76,000 Palestinians have been injured, dozens of hostages have been killed, and over 100 Israelis and thousands of Palestinians remain unlawfully detained.